Walking into a new church can be overwhelming. To help ease the anxiety we have put together a bunch of FAQs for you to read through. Additionally, if you would like to meet with any of our church leaders prior to coming on a Sunday to learn more about the church, we are more than happy to do so.  Please contact Mtr. Meaghan Keegan, Rector, to arrange an in person or phone conversation.

What do you believe?

Please refer to our About Us section for information on our beliefs.

What guidelines are in place due to COVID?

Masks must be worn at all times. Lectors and those serving on the altar may remove masks so all can hear them clearly. Mother Meaghan will wear a mask when preparing the altar for communion and administering, When entering, everyone must use hand sanitizer. Please sit in designated pews, at least six feet from anyone in your household. If you are unwell, please stay home. You can participate via Zoom.

About the Worship Service

What is your service like?
The Book of Common Prayer is our guide for our Sunday morning worship service and that leads us in scripture reading, prayers, singing, and a sermon. We have a children’s message as well. While the service is traditional in nature there is much room for the guiding of the Holy Spirit and the congregation is given an opportunity to lift others in prayer and share, “God sightings”, or personal testimonies about how God is working.

What kind of music is played?
We have mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary praise music.

Are kids welcome?
We love having kids at St. Paul’s! There are some toys and books located in the back of the sanctuary for children to use.

Do I have to kneel and cross myself?
While kneeling and crossing oneself are common it is not required. You may participate based on your level of comfort.

About the Eucharist

Who may receive communion?
All baptized Christians are invited to receive regardless of  denomination.

May my children receive communion?
Yes, as long as they are baptized.

How is Communion administered? 
The ushers will direct you to the center aisle.  The consecrated Bread is received with both hands & carried to the mouth. Due to COVID communion is administered by bread only we will not share a common cup. Christ is validly present in both Bread & Wine

 What if I choose not to receive communion?
You may choose to stay in your seat, and that is ok. However, we invite you to still come forward with those receiving communion for a blessing.  Simply, cross your arms over your chest to receive a blessing.